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Cloud Solutions

We have a variety of online backup, computing, and work load balancing that we have for your organization, and if ours does not fit you, we custom-make one, just for you.

Expense Auditing

We take a look at where your money goes, assist in cutting back unnecessary expenses, or modifying current agreements.

Computer & Server Maintenance

Computers, the tools for your business. We make sure they do not go down, and keep them running to their maximum potential, to increase efficiency, thus making your organization more productive.

Email Solutions

We work with different email solutions. From Google to Microsoft. From Cloud to In-House. We know it all. Let us figure out what what works best for you.

Network & System Design

We build your entire technology infrastructure to work together, make you efficient and more productive. We build your entire technology infrastructure to work together, make you efficient and more productive.

Hardware Experience

Today is yesterday, tomorrow is today. That is how we see technology, let’s take you to tomorrow now..

Latest Blog Posts

Relocating Server closet

When contracts collide, sometimes you just have to move, quite literally. That is what happened to this particular customer. They were going away a part of their tenant space, and that space included their Telecommunications Closet. We had to relocate the Rack, all the networking equipment, the backboard support plywood, and all of the 120+

Small Financial Office Re-Wiring

We finished the installation of 14 Double Drops (28 cables total), Cat5e as requested by the customer. The project involved the use of Plenum-Rated Cat5e Cable (as per NEC CODE), and terminate the cables in a 48-port patch panel. We upgraded the patch panel to Cat6-rated, as Cat5e can reach Giga-Speeds with the proper equipment.

New Construction, TVs, Speakers and Coax

For this project, we had to do out work during the final phases of construction. This project involved running Home Run cables for speakers, several zones, then daisy chained the speakers in each respective zone. Run Home Run Coax cable for DirecTV Service. Run Coax Cables for a Dedicated ClumComm computer. Installation of Speakers, Televisions,

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Karen Walters

Losing a lot of important data that I had on my laptop’s HDD was devastating… Imagine my sheer joy, when these bunch of tech magicians retrieved it all for me in mere 24 hours!

Isabelle Linbaum

These incredible tech people helped our company big time when we were moving all of our 450 employees (and their PCs)! They were timely and so cost-efficient!

Dana Sherman

When my desktop was hit by a ransomware and I lost access to all of my business documents on HDD, I was desperate! Thank God these guys knew what to do!

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We design and build the entire communications and technology infrastructure of your organization, provide expense audits to assist in saving business overhead costs, and provide ongoing support, giving you the cutting edge among competitors.

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