Bar Project, 40+ TVs, Cameras, Wifi

Bar Project, 40+ TVs, Cameras, Wifi

This project has several parts:

16 IP-Based camera, 3MP each camera.

Structured Wiring for the cameras, the computer network, and the television Video distribution system.

Installation of 40+ TVs
Set-up of Server Rom
WiFi system set-up with Guest network access
24 Directv HD Receivers
HD Video distribution to 46 television
This is a unique project as it required several systems integrated into one. We have a entire structured cabling done to tie in together in a single PoE Gigabit switch.

All the video distribution system are controlled by a single iPad. The App allows the iPad to control each specific DirecTV receiver. There are designated TVs that are grouped together, showing the same programming throughout that particular group. It is really cool, they can change the programming of just one or all of the TVs. For easy modification, the Video system cabling was terminated in a Patch Panel, for easy access to change the TVs distribution layout. At any time, the grouping can be changed with the customers needs, and if there are more TVs or DirecTV Receivers added in the future.

The owners can remotely monitor the business from any of the 16, 3 megapixel cameras, that’s right , 3 MP real-time, live video. They can check in the employees, the customers, or just to see whats going on. Its a great stress reliever for the owners, knowing they can see whats going on, whether they are across the street or across the country.

The WiFi set-up has two networks, one for internal use, and one for the Guest use. Later in the future, the owner will be able to add computers and devices wirelessly to their network. Guest can enjoy free high-speed internet access. The owner can have peace of mind knowing the guest network is completely isolated from the internal network.



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