Small Financial Office Re-Wiring

Small Financial Office Re-Wiring

We finished the installation of 14 Double Drops (28 cables total), Cat5e as requested by the customer. The project involved the use of Plenum-Rated Cat5e Cable (as per NEC CODE), and terminate the cables in a 48-port patch panel. We upgraded the patch panel to Cat6-rated, as Cat5e can reach Giga-Speeds with the proper equipment.

Hence the new office did not have a dedicated Telecommunications closet, the customer opted to have the Kitchen as the place to install their equipment. As you can see, the final installation is a very clean and simple. Given they only used 28 out of the 48 ports, they can still add up to 20 Cat6 cables to the same patch panel.

The entire project took about 16 man-hours to complete.

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